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Walls Challenge


Story by Christian Felder September 30th, 2015

We went on a crazy roadtrip the year before. The experience of travelling and painting was incredibly rewarding. In order to push myself, I decided to paint one wall each month, not counting spots I’ve painted before.

This challenge required quite some planning, especially in the colder months. Every travel was an opportunity to paint and vice versa. I knew it will be tough, but amazing at the same time. I ended up painting in France, Malta, Morocco, Germany and Switzerland.

A big thanks to my friends for painting and tavelling with!

January • Nice

While Switzerland was still snow-packed, we drove off to Nice in southern France for a weekend. We had a crazy seafood platter, made some new friends in the pub and I pocketed my first piece this year.

Image 1 (4).jpg
Image 1 (19).jpg
Image 1 (36).jpg
Image 1 (37).jpg
Image 1 (52).jpg

February • Mendrisio

I was able to convince two friends to come with me to the southern part of Switzerland. As expected, the weather was a bit warmer than at home but still, there was snow everywhere.

Image 1 (14).jpg
Image 1 (17).jpg
Image 1 (7).jpg

March • riga

Nobody knows why, but a friend thought about buying an old mill and some land in Latvia. So I took the opportunity and went with him to Riga for a week. We went to coworking spaces and checked out some of the local startups. And last but not least, I got my third piece.
Image 1 (5).jpg
Image 1 (16).jpg
Image 1 (28).jpg
Image 1 (22).jpg
Image 1 (21).jpg
Image 1 (12).jpg


Munich stands for bavarian food and beer, so it’s easy to convince friends for a trip. While painting, we met graffiti legend Loomit. On the long way home in the car, I scheduled a date with my future girlfriend.
Image 1 (4).jpg
Image 1 (17).jpg
Image 1 (18).jpg

May • emmenbrücke

Ordering a pizza to a place under a motorway bridge was as much fun as chatting with the local police.

Image 1 (24).jpg
Image 1 (25).jpg
Image 1 (22).jpg
Image 1 (33).jpg

June • MALTA

After painting in the snow, I craved a warmer destination for the next month. Malta is a small island south of Italy. We spent a week, met some crazy people and I painted a couple of pieces. Win!

Image 1 (27).jpg
Image 1 (29).jpg
Image 1 (33).jpg
Image 1 (36).jpg
Image 1 (18).jpg

July • zurich

I was stoked because I made it halfway through the year, not missing one month so far. I didn’t even care about sweating in the unbearable heat. The water melon helped with that as well.

Image 1 (18).jpg
Image 1 (15).jpg

August • hamburg

There was only time for a quickie on this short weekend trip to Germany. But hey, I just scored wall number 8.

Image 1 (30).jpg
Image 1 (33).jpg
Image 1 (22).jpg

september • lausanne

With a trunk full of cans, we headed for Lausanne in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We met a friendly local artist and muddled through with the little french we remembered from school. It was cold and wet but the wall turned out great.

Image 1 (6).jpg
Image 1 (5).jpg
Image 1 (11).jpg

october • freiburg

Only a short drive away, a huge wall was waiting for us in southern Germany. We had Knöpfle and Leberwurst for dinner and a great time despite the constant rain.

Image 1 (7).jpg
Image 1 (4).jpg
Image 1 (2).jpg

november • casablanca

Image 1 (4).jpg
Image 1 (34).jpg
Image 1 (17).jpg
Image 1 (49).jpg
Image 1 (60).jpg
Image 1.jpg

Bellinzona • december

Absorbed by the christmas madness, nobody wanted to travel with me in December. Obviously it was too cold to paint somewhere nearby. I couldn’t give up now. I was so close to my goal of 12 walls, one each month. So I drove off to Ticino early in the morning and came back late night. The weather was awful and it was dark by the time I finished my piece.

I hated myself so much for my stubbornness. This is the only picture I took.

Image 1 (23).jpg