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Eat. Sleep. Paint.

Story by Christian Felder March 27th, 2014
The plan was to pack the car full with spray cans and friends, head east and paint some walls along the way.

After 7 days we ended up with 6 walls in 7 countries.


We head to Venice early in the morning, where we planned to paint an abandoned factory. We are nervous and the heat is unbearable. It’s only the first day but we begin to realise what we got ourselves into. This will either be hell or one of the most memorable adventures we will ever go on.

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We drive off late and reward ourselves with some local beer on the way. We crash for the night at the house of Michaels parents in Ljubljana. The neighbours tell stories, Dad serves ćevapčići from the grill and Mum relentlessly fills our glasses with Slovenian schnapps. We actually manage to get up early to go painting. We cool down in the backyard of a nearby hostel and decide to keep the pace up and head for the next city.
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Zagreb is only 3 hours away. We hang around with the stoned girl from the reception of our hostel. The next day starts with a knockdown. We try hard, but despite all the preparation we can’t find the wall. We make up for it by curing our hangover with a swim in the Balaton.

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What are the odds of running into four German guys who spend their vacations exactly as we do? We have a good laugh, paint next to each other and exchange some spots. We can finally take it easy. Even though our next wall is located in another country, it feels like it’s just a stone’s throw away.

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With 12 officially legalised walls, Vienna offers more choice than any other city on this trip. We go for one next to the Donau river and paint wearing our bathing gear. From time to time an Indian dude drives by with his ice cream truck. Yummy!

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We’ve been in the zone for days. All we do is drive, drink, eat, sleep, paint. We wake up in another city every day. On one of our longer drives, we suddenly realise how crazy this actually is. We’re stoked but also start to get tired. Nevertheless we paint another wall on the riverside where the girls from the rowing race wave back at us when their trainer isn’t looking.

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On the way back home, we make one last stop in Munich. We reminisce about the days that passed over a Mass and Schweinshaxn. This has been one hell of a trip. Certainly one of my greatest adventures.

So far.

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Footnote: Caught on film with a Lomo LC-A.